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Balia Pieniny

Relaxing in hot water, beautiful views and much more …

Gorąca beczka


Nothing relaxes you like hot water

Every day we do not lack stress, so it is worth taking care of yourself and focusing on relaxation and rest. A great idea for this is a combination of spa and sauna, i.e. a hot tub. The bath relaxes you and allows you to cut off from everything that is overwhelming. We need such moments very much. Thanks to them, we catch a positive mood and good energy.

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Miejski zgiełk


Ucieknij od miejskiego zgiełku

Życie w mieście potrafi zapewnić sporą dawkę stresu, dlatego ludzie coraz częściej wybierają wyjazd poza miasto nawet na weekend. Chwila przebywania z naturą odpręża i pozwala zapomnieć o wszelkich zmartwieniach.

termy pieniny balia


Stay close to nature

The hot tub is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the surroundings. It is wonderful to watch the sunsets from a hot barrel. In addition, four-legged friends – deers – are running behind the fence. Apart from them, no one will disturb you while relaxing, which many of our clients appreciate very much.

Czysta woda


We care about the quality of our water

Water quality is essential, therefore the water is filtered. The water is also chlorinated to fight any bacteria.

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balia szczawnica
Zadowolony Klient


Your satisfaction is important to us

We have created this beautiful place in nature so that the experience of relaxing in the tub was the best. We value your privacy and you are alone during your visit, we do not disturb you.

Are you wondering if it is worth using our services?

Read the opinions about us yourself and decide.

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"Beautiful views, fallow deer and hot water! Full relaxation at sunset 🏔☀️ I recommend 😊"



Plan your visit



Make an appointment

First, call us and make an appointment. It’s best to let us know the day before, or on the same day in the morning.


potrzebne rzeczy

Take swimming trunks and towel

The only thing you need to take with you are swimming trunks and a towel. You can also take flip flops. Take your favorite drink, which will make your time even more pleasant.



Come visit us

Come to us in Grywałd, and we will show you a place to hot bath.


czas na relaks

Enjoy a hot bath in nature

All you have to do now is enjoy the views and the hot water.


What do we provide?


A hot tub for up to 5 people

5 people can comfortably sit in the tub. Unfortunately, more people in our tub will not fit, unless they are very thin or who like closeness;)


Hot water in the tub

The water is so hot that you would like to sit in it for hours.


A place to change and a toilet

We have changing rooms and a toilet right next to the tub, so you don’t have to walk far.

Prysznic balia termy

Cold shower

In summer you can use the cold shower. A good option to cool down after a hot bath.

cisza i spokój


The hot tub is situated away from houses and people, so you can enjoy your privacy. We will not disturb you either.


An unforgettable atmosphere

The environment around the tub makes you remember the atmosphere of this place for a long time after leaving.


What You Choose?


Rent a hot tub for 1.5 hours

70 zł /person


Rent a hot tub for 3 hours

90 zł /person


Rent a hot tub for a romantic 3-hour evening

90 zł /person


Make a reservation

termy pieniny szczawnica

Our hot tub is located in a charming place in Grywałd. Literally 3 minutes from Krościenko nad Dunajcem and 10 minutes from Szczawnica.

Balia Pieniny

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